Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have to say that I think that having a sister so close was so much fun. I love having all my sisters. As I watch my little girls I think that they are really truly loving being together. What got me onto this topic is this morning I was watching them have their bath and they are in there having a blast. Mia layed on her back and started to kick as hard as she could and then she manouvered Ava and showed her how to do it. They were both laying on their backs kicking their legs as hard as they can. My bathroom was a little wet what that didn't matter. Mia will randomly tell me "Ava is MY sister."Ava is lucky to have a sister that lover her so much. Mia always wants to have Ava right with her when she is doing something. If Mia is ever by herself somewhere, Mia will ask "Where is Ava, I miss her. " I love girls and hope that these two will be the best of friends always.


Shalyse said...

Isn't it THE best to have two girls in a row? Every girl needs a sister! I can't wait for Lulu to get a little older so she and Hallie can just play together. Hallie is excited too! Your girls are beautiful..that story is TOO cute!

Arin said...

I LOVED growing up so close with Alix sas so fun! It is so great to have a built-in best friend! Your girls are super lucky...and so stinkin' cute by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanx Arin, I loved having Renee too.