Friday, September 26, 2008

Last of the Summer Fun

girls just want to have fun
Ava is in heaven......being with her daddy on the quad

all strapped in and ready to go

we love all our cousins

just hanging around

Mia and Sophie....these little girls love each other

Scotty and Jess' mom Joan....two of my favorite people

playing in waterton

We sure have had a fun summer. Mostly with family, but hey, that is really all we have time for with four families. Not that I am complaining, we are so lucky to have all these amazing families in our lives.


We went on a camping/quadding trip with the ZoBells and had a great time. Mia and Ava were in heaven playing with all the girl cousins. There are 10 girl grandkids and only 4 boy grandsons in the ZoBell family. With Three boys first and then 9 girls and 1 boy at the end. So let me tell you it is a girls world over there and my girls couldn't be happier. I love family

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Arin said...

So fun to see the pictures of all your fun and adventures and your little cuties! There must be something about little girls with their Daddy's on quads. Clara is just the same. She says, "ride daddy ride" everyday when he walks in from work! I LOVE that!