Sunday, December 28, 2008

The weather outsides been frightful

But we really have had such a delightful time. I LOVE the winter and snow and cold and everything about it. My sisters Elaine and Nadine were here the WHOLE holidays and our little families had so much fun playing outside. I didn't get a pic of sledding and the huge snow fort that the dads built for the kids but we had a blast in the cold and snow. These pics were taken before we really got all the snow and you should see it. My parents lane is sooo snowy and the drifts are way taller than our vehicles. They have had to be dug out to get anywhere 6 times!!
Quadding, of course

Mia and Ki spent hours outside

Mia and her daddy

My little Eskimo

One of the many snowball fights, notice Ava in the red, nice throwing form


Baker Family said...

We miss you was so much fun in all that snow. I miss hanging out late into the night (when you guys could get me to stay up late) and just being with my sisters. I love all being together!!

The Blandon's said...

That is some good form, you may have a ball player on your hands. It looks like so much fun. We don't get much snow out here and when we do it melts right away. I'm jealous looking at the fun you are all having in the snow.