Friday, June 5, 2009

NO,NO, NO, NO..............

Just last week I said my kids would never do this. I can't believe it Ava CUT her hair. I never keep scissors out, I thought that I was a smart mom. I of course was on the phone, Ava found the scissors and went to town. She came and found me and was so proud, "Mom look." I just started saying no, no, no, no and then started crying. Ava kept saying, "it's okay, Dad fix it."

This was after Auntie Lisa cut 3 inches off the bottom

The only hairdo we can do now

Come on show me your hair

Come on silly girl

Okay, she is still cute


Stephanie said...

Ohhhh I hate when my words come back to bite me!!
Thankfully she IS still cute and you didn't have to shave it!!

brett and stacey said...

i think it looks kind of cool. like mia micheals on "so you think you can dance". she is adorable, maybe she will grow up to cut hair for real!

Janas Bananas said...

Oh she is still cute!! all three of my girls have done just happens. Its very tramatic isn't it?? Halle cut hers and Macey's as well and they both had to go short.. There was only 1 hair do I could do for both of them for a long time...But it does grow back and becomes a fun little memory. I hate foot in the mouth moments!!! lololol..Kids are good at creating those moments for us...alll the time!

tollestrupfamily said...

I didn't know you had a blog! How fun - now even though we are far away we can see what is happening in Canada! Lexie cut her cousins hair and I got so mad that I thought she learned her lesson. About 2 months later I went in to check on her before I went to bed and she had gotten out of her crib, gotten scissors, cut her hair, left it on the pillow and then laid down and went to sleep. It was not a nice Mom moment for me! The best story is when I was 5 just days before kindergarten started, my parents were watching a holocaust movie and thought I was asleep but I was watching it around the corner where they couldn't see me. I saw the part where they made the women shave their heads so I went and took my dad's clippers and shaved from my forehead all the way to the back of my head. I had a skinhead mullet and no amount of bows or headbands could cover that puppy up! My poor Mom!

Lorissa said...

Oh no! But at least you can't even tell she did it when you have it looking so cute! My mom said she seen you at Tara's wedding and your girls were to die for CA-UTE. Singers and all. I hear there is another little bun in the oven, me too! Give the details, when are you due, how you feeling?


smithsoinian said...

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lisa smith said...

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