Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Go Calgary Flames Go

Scott is a huge hockey fan, or I should say Flames fan, so in honor of the first playoff game I cooked him a dinner all in the Flames colors.

We had a ton of fun at our little hockey family party and cheered the Flames on. The girls were excited too, I think because their dad was cheering and giving high fives.

We all got into our flames get up and were quite excited. I guess the cheering paid off because they beat San Jose 3-2


brett and stacey said...

what a fun idea. you are such a good wife! what did you cook for dinner?

Arin said...

Super embarassed to admit this...but this transplanted Canuck didn't even know the Flames were in the playoffs...I blame my family for this! You guys look so cute in your gear...go Flames (unless the Oilers are still in!LOL)

Grandma & Grandpa Harris said...

Janelle and Scott, it is much fun checking out your blog spot. You make the cutest family and it is so nice to see you both so happy, you have two beautiful little girls, love ya, The Harris'

Shalyse said...

ok, you CRACK me up!!! Janelle, i can just see you coloring all those pictures during the day and having them up wehn Scott walks in! SO cute!!! I love you, you are such a cute mom and wife.