Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mia is in her own bed!!!

I know, I know you are probably all thinking this should have happened by now, but she loves her crib (and so do I, she stays in and calls me when she wants to get out). Scott built this little bed while I was in Arizona helping Renee and her family with the new babe. I have to say it is the cutest thing I ever saw and because it's so cute, it convinced me to try the bed thing. We had to buy TWO cribs when Ava was born so both girls could have them. I have to say that my husband is a pretty handy guy.

Mia loves it and still stays in it and calls me when she is ready to get up. She is still napping for 2 or 3 hours and tells me she is tired and wants to sleep in her BIg GiRl Bed.

I have to admit I cried the first time we put her to bed. I was singing her songs and balling. I don't want my little Mia to grow up.


brett and stacey said...

jan, i love you!! the bed it gorgeous! wow, you do have a handy hubby. we too have two cribs and olivia is still sleeping in her crib. so don't feel too bad.

The Blandon's M&M Factory said...

Janelle, I love the bed! Your girls are so cute and your blog is so cute.

Arin said...

Ummm...Jameson and Clara both still sleep in our bed...nuff said!