Friday, May 23, 2008

Rain and Kleenex

Rain and Kleenex is all that we have seen around our house this week. It has been raining and raining all week, and ALL of us girls have been sick, sick. Being a sick mom is not a fun thing, I really just wanted to snuggle in my bed and have someone take care of me. But that just isn't possible when your husband has to go to work and you have two sick girls that need more of you than usual. So my sick little muffins and I have had a bit of a hard week. We have had to survive on juice, kleenex, and Barbie Fairytopia, Mermaidia, and Mariposa. Don't get me wrong, Scott has really helped as much as possible, he came home early a couple of days, brought us home extra kleenex, made supper one night and brought home supper another, once the girls were in bed he brought me advil and juice and blankets. He really has been a great help. We are lucky to have such a great guy for a dad a husband. I will just be very grateful when this week is over and I can start to not feel like such a zombie.


Shalyse said...

I am so sorry you are sick! NOT FUN!!! good thing scott is taking care of you. :-)

Baker Family said...

Get Better!!! I was so sad when we couldn't come over and play last early this week. Elle is really looking forward to the new swingset/playhouse and playing with the kitchen. We miss you guys!

Steph said...

Well there is always a bright side - your kleenex boxes rock! haha.
Being sick SUCKS. Being sick with kids sucks time 2 :(
You need to have some good books on hand to read while the girls are watching Fairytopia???