Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 1st

Happy Canada Day!!!

We had a great day with family and friends. We got to go to the parade in Raymond with Scotts sisters. We then went to a big ZoBell family dinner where we ate lots of yummy food. Then we let Mia stay up late and watch the fireworks. We had a blast and love these kind of days when you just get to hang out and be with your favorite people, your family.

Our little family at the parade

Scott helping the girls catch some treats
The Neilson girls

Mia trying to get into her gum

Scotts sister Eryn and her husband Kevin

Scotts sister Caryn and her husband Brett

My sisters: Elaine, MiKen, and Nadine we you missed Renee and Mik

My mom and dad (cute Canada shirts)

My sister Elaine's family

Nadine and her boys

MiKen and her friend Janna

Mia and some of her cousins

Ava and her cousin Elle, they are 5 days apart

Mia and Ava with some of the ZoBell cousins

And we can't forget my moms traditional cake, with the American flag for all her kids that live in the States

We are so proud to be Canadian and I am so grateful to live in this country


Grandma & Grandpa Harris said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, so much fun to see how your little girls are growing up and to see how happy you are

The Blandon's M&M Factory said...

Looks like you had a great Canada Day.
I didn't know Mik served in Nicaragua. Matt (the guy in the pic with Mike) served there too and Mike is 1/2 Nicaraguan. His Dad is from there and his Mom is American.

Aaron and Renee said...

I am proud to be Canadian too! I wish we could have been there for all the fun. I miss you guys!

Steph said...

Oh man I have not seen MiKenLee (sp??) forever! I cannot believe how grown up she is now. You gotta love having so many sisters, I bet you have a blast together.

Arin said...

Okay it was super fun to see pics of your family. I haven't seen MiKen in forever (she's all grown up!)and I haven't seen your Mom and Dad for such a long time either! Elaine...everyone! Thanks for sharing!

PS...I'm so glad we ran into you at the C-town parade...the rest of the week flew by...but it was super fun to see you and your cute girlies!!

Jess said...

I was so sad we missed it this year! I missed seeing you guys! You all look so great! Have you found me a canadian husband yet?? Come on, these American's are not doing much!! Ha!!

Hey, can we get my brother Kory and Mikinley, to hook it up!!?? Ha!! He gets home from his mission in September. Has she graduated yet?