Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My TWO Dancing Princesses

I found these little dresses at the Farmers market in Red Deer and haven't been able to get them off these little girls. I thought Mia would like them because everytime I turn music on to dance she says " Mom, I can't dance I don't have my princess skirt on." They love to dance and dress up and just play with anything girly. You should see them twirl now!! I love girls it is so fun.


brett and stacey said...

THEY ARE SO CUTE!! olivia is the same. she watches 12 dancing princesses and HAS to have her pretty dress on. I love little girls!

Arin said...

Little girls seriously crack me up. I must admit though...as much as I try and dress Clara up in her cute girlie outfits...I think she may be a tomboy at heart! She does however wear a tutu and twirl every now and again...what girl doesn't right?

Baker Family said...

They are so cute!!! I am missing you guys.