Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CaLAwAy pArk

Mia was a ride-a-holic

Ava had a blast too

This was my favorite

Mia and her cousin Madi

Ava driving a boat all by herself

The girls loved the horsies

Mia got to see a princess show and she was so excited

Ava and I riding on the train

We had so much fun going to Calaway Park in Calgary. I wasn't sure if my girls were old enough yet but they had a blast. We went with Scott's family and even Scott came. I didn't get a single pic of him though. He won all the little girls prizes by being Mr. Tough Guy and hitting this thing super hard. They were pretty excited about that. I love summer, have I said that yet this year. We have had a blast.

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Arin said...

I love Calaway Park...totally brought back some nostalgia from the good old Pavan/Woolf trips we took there. Love the pics!!!