Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Temple Picnic

These girls loved all the walls to sit and balance on

picnics are so much fun

The girls and I decided one morning to go on a little picnic. The weather has been quite nice this summer, not to hot so we have really been enjoying being outside. We got all packed up and went to the Temple in Cardston. It was so fun to just be there and feel the peace all around. Mia absolutly loves going to the temple because she thinks that princesses live there. She has seen quite a few brides on the grounds. She says she wants to go and live there and wear the pretty dresses. I explained to her that if she is really a good girl and listens really good and says her prayers and follows all the commandments (Jesus' rules) she can get married there. She says that she wants to live there too, who could blame her, it does look just like a castle. We had so much fun and are lucky to be this close to a temple.


brett and stacey said...

jan, that is so cute. i think i will do that will my girls!! great idea. livy thinks she was born in the provo temple and thinks princesses live there too. i love it. so cute. glad you are having such a great summer.

Baker Family said...

I miss my girls....Mia is getting so big. We need to do something like that when I come to visit.

Jess said...

How great! What a nice day! Your family is just growing! I am so happy you have a blog to share that with all of us! Love you lots!

Arin said...

What a fun idea! Glad you guys are having a good summer. The girlies are darling!!!