Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Our big girl Mia turned 3 this last week and let me tell you she has been waiting for this day to come for the last month. I think that I told her a little too soon that her birthday was coming because she wouldn't let me forget this last month that she was having a birthday.

Grandma Joan made her this cute little crown poster
She woke up to streamers on her door and got to dress up as a princess all day
The beautiful cake that her Auntie Tanya and Auntie Stacey made
The big three year old
Blowing out the candles

Opening gifts - thanks everyone

Mia had a great birthday week, she really was the princess all week. On her birthday on Wednesday we got up to the house all decorated and then opened her presents from us. We went to Grandma Joans house for lunch and a sleep. We had a great supper of fish and chips (her favorite) and cupcakes. Scott, Mia, Ava and I went swimming to end the day. On Saturday we had such a fun Princess party with all her family. It was fun because she got to see all four of her grandmas and grandpas this week. She had wonderful Aunties who made her an amazing cake, each year they top last years. She is a lucky girl to have such fun cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas. We love you Mia you are getting to be such a big girl.


Baker Family said...

I am so happy that we were able to there to celebrate her was a fun party. Elle loved all the stickers to make crowns and the cake was amazing! We love you Mia! You are getting so big.

Shalyse said...

what a beautiful 3 year old!!! She is a DOLL. and that cake...HOLY COW!!! that thing is amazing, it looks like a wedding cake! I bet the LOVED it! :-)

Steph said...

WOW Mia has some AMAZING Aunties. That cake rocks. I love the poster too.
Happy Birthday Mia!

brett and stacey said...

happy birthday mia!! she is getting so big! that cake really was amazing. my birthday's in jan. do you think the aunts could do a cake for me??

Arin said...

Happy Birthday Mia...and holy cake...that was totally amazing!!! Wowzers! Hope you had an extra special day sweet girl!!

alix said...

That looks like the perfect birthday for a little 3 yr old who is such a princess. We are impressed with that cake, crazy! Can't wait to see you in December.

The Blandon's said...

Wow what a fun day! That is one awesome cake. Happy Birthday Mia!