Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hApPy HalLoWeEn

Hope you all had as fun of a halloween as we did. We started off the week Carving Pumpkins with ZoBells for FHE. We have done this with them quite a few times and it is so fun all getting together and seeing everyones pumpkins. There were some pretty fun ideas.

Lots and lots of pumpkins

I feel really bad because I didn't remember my camera when we went to our annual halloween party at the Welling Church. The girls wanted to be matching little ballerinas. They love these little costumes and want to wear them everyday.

(Note: I am a bad mom and didn't even get pics of these little muffins on halloween day in their costumes, but they did wear these little dresses) I did their hair all pretty and they even got to wear make-up

This week we also made cute little halloween cupcakes and delivered them to all our neighbors and friends. I love the fall and all the colors.


Grandma and Grandpa Harris said...

What beautiful little girls you have, thanks for sharing your pictures, love reading your blog

brett and stacey said...

sounds like a fun halloween! what a good neighbor you are to have given treats!! you are super sweet!