Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

We had a great day today and it really made me think how lucky we are to live this close to family, especially my parents. We got to spend the whole day together with my dad for his special day. My mom has always made a big deal about birthdays and I have now carried on that tradition. I LOVE birthdays!! Mom always has balloons up at the bottom of their lane and makes the whole day special. I hope that my dad had a great day. The girls and I woke up and made little posters for the birthday boy. They love any sort of craft. Mia especially loves to use scissors right now. We took them over to my dad and then had a great lunch all together with GG as well (that is what Mia and Ava call Great Grandma and Grandpa Woolf). After supper we all got to go skating and it was so fun. It was the first time Mia ever wore skates and surprizingly enough she loved it and didn't want to leave. I don't have skates that fit so I just had to watch which was a bummer but you should have seen Ava. She loved just going around and around in someones arms or on their shoulders. I love seeing the girls try new things.



brett and stacey said...

ohh, i love your mom and dad. tell him happy birthday from me! so fun that you went skating. we need to go with our girls.

Arin said...

Happy Birthday Kim!! I love seeing pics of your parents...brings back so many good memories! Tell them hi from me okay?

The Blandon's said...

Cute skating pictures! Happy birthday Grandpa Woolf!