Saturday, February 14, 2009

We have been busy all week long preparing for this fun, fun holiday. I love Valentines, because it is a day all about LOVE. We made cookies and decorated, whipped up some valentines, decorated the house and just got excited for the big Day. Scott always buys the girls and me flowers so of course he stuck with tradition, which us girls all loved. The girls and I decorated our bed with fun little treats for him and then we just enjoyed each other that day. Scott and I went our for supper the day before which was so fun, I love any little bit of time we have to spend just him and me because we really don't do that very often. Every year that these little muffins get older things become just that much more fun.


AVA loves cinnamon hearts

our crafty little woman

Sisters are so fun


The finished product

These girls had to decorate fist thing in the morning even before breakfast

Surprises for DAD

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brett and stacey said...

jan, you are such a great mom. the huge cookies are so cute! i want one. happy v-day!
ps, love your bed spread