Saturday, February 21, 2009

Skiing at ONE?????

We had such a fun weekend!!! ZoBells have this tradition of getting together and all going to Kalispel and skiing on the week that all the ZoBell boys birthdays are. Their birthdays are all every other day starting with Jamie (20), then Shane (22), then Jess (24). It also lands on reading week so all the kids are out of school. Jess' oldest sister Kari lives in Kalispel so we all crashed at her house and had a blast. I was so proud of my little girls, they both skiied and loved it. I couldn't believe it, Ava is 1 and she did it!!! It helped to have these ski vests and you just follow them down kind of leading them like a horse, pull one strap and they go that way. I haven't skiied in forever, I snowboard, but you kind of have too with these little vest things. It was so fun and we can't wait to go again.

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