Friday, May 15, 2009


We had such a fun weekend with MiKen and getting her all graduated. It makes me kinda sad thinking that she is the last of the Woolf's to graduate high school, we are all getting so grown up. I remember MiKen starting kindergarten when I was in grade 11. She is such a little beauty queen now and my girls think she is just the most amazing thing ever. Mia got a little dress made out of the left over fabric and was in heaven. The lady that made MiKen's dress did an amazing job and MiKen told Mia while it was getting made that the Fairy Godmother was making her a ball gown and that Mia would be able to go and see all the princesses with their beautiful dresses soon. Imagine how Mia felt when she got to go and get the Fairy Godmother to measure her for her dress. Verla, the amazing seamstress, made all the nieces that came to grad little ball gowns and they really were the cutest things ever.

I love you MiKenLee and am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!


Janas Bananas said...

She looks JUST like you!!!!! I was confused for a second, I thought you were going down memory lane...Last time I saw her she was 8 I think?? Sooo crazy how fast time goes eh?? You are all pretty girls!!

Shalyse said...

wow!!! I can't believe she graduated! she is beautiful, just like all the rest of you girls!! :-)

Lorissa said...

Holy smokers! It is like a Janelle mixed with a Renee and voila McKinLee! She is stunning, well it figures, all you Woolf babes are stunning. Good bumping into you the other day. Thanks for making sure we were a.o.k. we were just waiting for a friend to go garage sale~ing, sick I know!

The Blandon's said...

Gorgeous, you both are so gorgeous!!! Congrats to Mikenlee. She has grown up so much! She looks just like you Janelle.
Man, I wish I was a beautiful as you guys!!!

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