Monday, April 27, 2009


Scott's sister Stacey got married this weekend so it was a crazy one for us. There were many late nights and lists of things that needed to be done but it turned out really nice. Stacey looked beautiful and all the little girls stole the show. They were her little flower girls and looked so cute in their matching dresses. Mia definatly would have to say her favorite part was the dance. She never left that dance floor and did NOT want to dance with anyone, just by herself. Scott literally had to drag her off kicking and screaming at the end of the night. She is our little dancing queen.


Arin said...

Oh the girls look so cute! And of course never to be disappointed by the wonderful hair-do's! They look amazing!!!

Soooo reminds me of the good old days in my Grandparents motorhome and your Mom with a big tub of Dep working on all you girls hair (and then us Pavan girls looking homeless with our raggedy do's)! I would expect nothing less of you J! And funny thing my little daugther is always running around with her hair in her eyes...the apple doesn't fall far!

brett and stacey said...

jan, those girls of yours are ADORABLE!! love the hair too. how did you do it??

alix said...

wow, your girls look so adorable, seriously cutest!

Baker Family said...

I LOVE the curls!!! It totally changes how they look...I'm glad the wedding turned out so cute!

Janas Bananas said...

Serioulsy could those girls be any cuter?? I love their hair..who did that??? ANd how did they sit still for it to get done??? THey look just like you with blonde hair, you know that right??? sooooo cute!

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