Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What color are your Eyes

I came around the corner this morning and caught Mia looking at herself in my mirror. I watched her without her knowing and she was really checking out her face. It was the cutest thing. She stood there for a couple minutes and then she ran over and grabbed Ava's cheeks and looked at her face. I wasn't quite sure what she was doing, but after Ava struggled out of Mia's grasp. Mia came up to me and said, "mom, my eyes are brown and moms eyes are brown." I was shocked she figured that out on her own. I then asked her what color Ava's eyes were, she said "not brown" then thought about it for a while and said "blue". I told her that Ava's eyes are the same as dads and hers were the same as moms. What a smart cookie, I love it when these little girls learn new things, I am sure she will be on this topic for a few days and we will be hearing about each others eye color all day long and then she will be on to something new.


Shalyse said...

smarty pants! What a cute story :-)

Arin said...

Wow that really is smart...and I think it's so cute that Mia has your eye color and Ava has Scott's...sweet. I think little Miss Mia must have an eye for detail!!!

alix said...

I love it too when little kids figure out something really detailed and remarkable. I just finished a scrapbook page for Parks first day of grade one and your story reminded me of something he said. I asked him if he like his new teacher? "She is nicer than Mrs.Smith (kindergarten teacher) but Mrs. Smith had nicer hair" So funny and crazy that he would notice something like that, you gotta remember these sweet little discoveries they make